Sunday, January 8, 2017

How I fell into the world of Books?

There used to be a mandatory library periods in my school. I utilized the time to talk with my friends. I never thought reading is important. I had a lot to read in study textbooks and notes, why should I again fall back to books?

However, Nancy Drew, Secret Seven, Famous Five and books by Enid Bliton were my school-time favorites. When I was in 9th grade (2015), my friend Thushara gave me a book. She said it is world’s bestselling book and it is pretty good. I looked at the cover page. It was Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. I started reading it and was fascinated by it. I soon became a diehard fan of Harry potter. It is funny to know that I first read the second book of Harry Potter series. Ever since that moment, I started reading more and more books. I am thankful to her who made me really fall in love with the books. Thank you Thushara!

Then I used to read management books when I was doing my MBA. Some books were nice, some books went way over my head. In the Business School Library, I found the book ‘Tantra: The Forgotten Ecstasy’ by Osho, when I started reading the book I was spellbound. Till that time, I have never read a book like that. It was as if Osho was directly speaking to me. There after I started reading more books by Osho. My friend Neeraja, another book lover, used to buy Osho’s books. I used to fight with her to read it first. I kept on reading Osho Books.  It really helped me to understand many things in my life. My emotional dilemma’s, mood swings – I have not yet found another author who explains these things so spontaneously. What made his book more loving is his instant sense of humor. He talks about anything and everything- ‘From Sex to Super consciousnesses.  There after I started meditating and continue it now also.

The things meditation do to you is significant. It helps you to grow in a beautiful way. It helped me to make my thoughts mature. My understanding expanded and so did my level of consciousness. If you ask me who is my favorite author? Osho is always number in the list.

I never stop reading and never will stop writing J

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