Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Into the world of Writing

After my first book, people around me often ask me these questions…

“How much money you gained in first book?”

“Is your first book a hit?”

“When is your next book coming?” 

“Are you going to make this a full time career?”

“We have not heard from you for a while, are you writing your next book?”

“Why did you stop writing?”

“What are you doing now?”

Sometimes these questions are interesting, sometimes annoying.

The truth is that I never wrote any book to become famous or earn money. I love writing. Writing is one of the way in which I can express myself. I am not a talkative person who keeps indulging in conversation with people. But when I write it is like flowing water. Words come after so many so many words. It is like I can be peacefully myself when I am writing.

For a while I have been reading books. There are so many books available in amazon. Thanks to self publishing phenomenon, even the least bit known authors is finding their place in writing niche. The more I read the more I understand the world.

I do not watch TV for the simple reason that it never shows the full picture. Media shows us what they want us to see and the average people without even thinking give a common trending response. This is the reason why I shifted my attention to YouTube and books, here you are in control of what you read or see.

In short, I am back to writing now. So many short stories and events are coming in my mind. I just have to keep typing J

This blog is dedicated to Lalith Kishore. He just dragged me back to the world of writing by a simple question. I will be on writing mode now.